Monday, March 2


My friends and I climbing Kgale Hill, the highest point in Gaborone We had a great view of the city from the top. It took three-four hours to climb up and down it.

Vintage propaganda at a local museum

Outside the museum

We were welcomed to the Cultural Village where we stayed for a night by elder women dancing and singing.

The night of Obama's Inauguration!

After a lecture on traditional leadership in Botswana

This is the gallery at Botswana Craft. All the baskets are handmade. The smaller ones take one to three months to weave and the larger ones on the floor can take up to a year. There are framed photos of the women who weave the baskets.

When we arrived at the Maun airport, there were safari trucks waiting for us that drove us to the game reserve.

Zebras we saw on one of our daily game drives

Our safari truck stuck in the mud


Sunset over the Delta


Maggie and Jami in the back of the truck on the way to Rundu

Walking across the border from Botswana to Namibia

Our first dinner in Swakopmund at the Lighthouse Restaurant, right on the Atlantic

Atlantic Ocean

A view of the courtyard at The Alternative Space, where we stayed in Namibia

Sand dunes that we went quadbiking and sandboarding on

Me on the sand dunes with the Atlantic behind me - on one of our quadbiking breaks

Our Ronald McDonald jumpsuits we wore to skydive in Swakop

A descent size bottle of wine that was on display at a restaurant in Swakop

This is a tapestry my friend, Michael, bought from a street vendor in Francistown.


  1. SWEET!!!

    it looks beautiful! I'm sure the pictures don't do any justice.

    was skydiving crazy?!

  2. Everything looks awesome! Question: did you get a camel toe in that skydive jumpsuit because that is all I could think about....maybe I am in Vagina MOnologues world.

    Also, you can feel free to bring me back some of that wine.