Wednesday, May 13

Tsala sentle Botswana!

Today was my last full day in Botswana. I packed up an entire semester in a matter of a few hours. I leave tomorrow afternoon for what will be a long journey home: Gaborone to Johannesburg to London to Detroit.

Tomorrow, my best friend here, Jami, and I will go to Main Mall for one last time and peruse the vendors.

I will miss almost everything about Botswana. I will miss Botswana time, Batsi, my CIEE friends, my local friends, combi rides, walking everywhere, and probably marriage proposals too. The only freak-out I am having about leaving is the fact that I may never be able to come back to Africa again. It is a magical place.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blogging these last four and a half months. I have appreciated your readership. If I see you back in the States, I’d be more than willing to share more stories with you. If not, that’s okay too. There are so many stories, many that some people will probably never here. If I sat someone down and told them about everything I’ve done, seen and learned here, it would take a good month or two.

Go siame bomma le borra. Boroko Botswana.

Here’s some pictures from throughout the semester:
Batsi telling us about our upcoming semester at orientation
The whole CIEE group and Batsi yelling "Pula!" to all our semester goals
Our first time at the University of Botswana - registering for classes
Climbing Kgale Hill, the highest point in Gaborone
Top of Kgale Hill
Some CIEE and other international students at the Manyana Rock Paintings in Gabs
Grinding sorghum... ain't no thang
Some of the CIEE group with the Tlokweng's Kgosi (Chief)
Zebras in the Okavango Delta
Leopard in a tree in the Okavango Delta
Giraffes in the Okavango Delta
Mokoro (traditional wooden canoe) rides in the Okavango Delta
Some of the CIEE group with a traditional healer and his teas and roots in Tlokweng

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