Tuesday, April 7

Mozambique, here I come

UB students have a four-day weekend for Easter! Three CIEE friends and I are going to Mozambique, the country on Africa’s east coast on the Indian Ocean.
When we went to pick up our visas/passports at the Mozambican High Commission today, it was a bit of an ordeal. We were told to come pick them up today despite it being Women's Day, a national holiday. The High Commission employees observe it even though they're in Botswana. Luckily, the employees (who happened to be women) came into work after we made a few calls and gave us our visas/passports. I'll have to post a picture of my visa; it's pretty and in Portuguese.
We’re taking a combi from Gaborone to Johannesburg tomorrow morning and staying in Johannesburg until our bus leaves at 10:00 p.m. for Maputo. The bus will arrive in Maputo, the Mozambican capital, on Thursday morning. We’re staying at Fatima's Place in Maputo on Thursday night, then heading north to Tofo, a beach in Inhambane and staying at Fatima’s Nest on Friday and Saturday nights. There’s a possibility of us doing a number of things: laying on the beach (with or without drinks from the beachside bars), swimming in the Indian Ocean, snorkeling, surfing, diving with whale sharks, and just walking around the towns.
The earliest my next post will be is Monday. I’ll be eager to share about my time in Mozambique.

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