Thursday, April 2

Photo Update

Traditional Healer

Game drive at the Gaborone Game Reserve in a combi. We saw ostriches and zebras. We followed an ostrich on the road for a little while simply because it wouldn't get out of the road. I'm hoping to post a video of the chase soon.
Braai at Batsi's
Graduate Village/Graduate Hostels/Block 417
This is our laundry hanging on lines in Grad Village. We use washing machines at a facility on campus, but not the dryers because they pretty much just blow cold air and spin your clothes around. There is no heat involved. Half the washing machines are always out of order. There are about 10 machines that work... for all 15,000 students.
This is one of the many signs posted on campus about sexually transmitted diseases.
This is the view of some of the undergraduate housing from Grad Village.
Corn in the classroom
Construction on campus
These are some of my friends from Rural Sociology in my room and outside in Grad Village. They're all 3rd years. They insisted that I take pictures of them so that I don't forget them.
En route to River Walk, a mall in Gaborone where we do our grocery shopping
Botswana doesn't have sewers. They have huge ditches to collect the pula (rain).
On our way to the Mozambican Embassy to get visas for our Easter trip to Maputo & Tofo :)
Art that was on display at a showing of War Child at a film festival put on by Ditshwanelo, a Botswana Human Rights Organization
These are made entirely of painted soda can tops.
Emmanual Jar's music video to his song, War Child


  1. That's so touching that your new friends said that about getting a photo.

    That's really interesting that the medical clinic sign says there's no room for abortion. Is abortion legal in Botswana? If it's not, is it common for clinics to offer it but not advertise publicly?

  2. It wasn't a medical clinic. It was a traditional healer. He basically gives people different kinds of tea for different problems. Abortion is illegal and unsafe in Botswana. Did you notice the spelling of 'abortion'?

    There were advertisements for abortions in Johannesburg - 8 1/2 by 11 sheets stapled to poles. It is legal in South Africa.